Aerobic Class and Group Exercise

Aerobic Class and Group Exercise helps us with our goal to provide a healthy social environment for our members and guests. Please call the Club at 941-306-4113 to come and take a class.

Club Information

Free Aerobics Class – Try one of our aerobics classes for free
Group Exercise Schedule – Current schedule of our Group Exercise Classes
Group Exercise Class Description – Current list and brief description of our group exercise classes
Our Instructors – Brief Bios and information about a wonderful instructors
Hours of operation – Current hours of operations including holiday hours


TRX – The latest strength and core training with your body weight
Water Aerobics – The benefits of water aerobics and what sets us apart our aqua classes from other clubs
Yoga – Benefits & History of Yoga

TRX Fitness - Our latest Group Exercise Class

TRX, TRX Fitness

To learn more about TRX Fitness a complete total body training system click on this link.

Let's start out with some of the obvious considerations:

Is the class you want available when you are? Do they have a convenient schedule?
This is our group exercise schedule

Do they have a variety of classes? Are there different kinds of classes so you don’t get bored?

Who are the instructors?

How often is the schedule changed? Is the schedule changed to keep the classes fresh and current with the industry?

What certifications do the instructors have?

How many studios do they have?

How large are the studios? Will you feel over whelmed with a big class or a sardine in a room to small?

How large are the classes? Do you like to exercise with 100 of you closest friends, or it is hard to inspire just yourself?

Are there extra charges for any of the classes?

Do you need reservations to attend classes?

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