Bath & Racquet Athletic Club Aquatics

About our Swim Lessons & Classes.

The aquatics programs at the Bath & Racquet Athletic Club has expanded in their beautiful 25 yard, outdoor, six lane pool! We are very excited to promote the growth of all students through involvement in our operation and use of our recreational facilities and programs. 

Whether it’s a gentle water workout, swimming lessons for the kids, or just the chance to keep fit by swimming laps, you can find it all!  Exercising in the water is excellent for overall toning, as well as increased flexibility and energy. The natural resistance of water allows you to obtain cardiovascular, flexibility, and muscle-toning benefits without excess strain on your joints and muscles.

Our instructors and trainers are certified through the Aquatic Exercise Association, Starfish Swim School, Starguard, or another nationally recognized organization and also certified in CPR and First Aid

We believe there is no better program in town and the children we have instructed are already swimming and having fun as a testament to that.  We promote learning to swim by playing in the water. Children learn in such a variety of ways and we have had success even turning extremely fearful children into absolute lovers of the water.  We are actively working with our community offering a variety of swim programs, water safety classes, swim teams, and teen programs. 

The leading cause of death in Florida, for children under the age of 4 is drowning. The Bath & Racquet Athletic Club has established relationships built with community partners to help impact and prevent these needless tragedies.  We encourage parents of younger children to take advantage of this opportunity and come learn with them! StarBabies and StarTots are Instructional Parent/Child Swim Classes offered for children ages 6 month to 3 years old. These two Classes prepare children for group lessons and are a great beginning to their swimming education. Children who take these classes are much more successful when entering the group swim lesson programs. These classes are available Monday thru Saturday schedule available.   We also have CPR classes available for parents call to schedule (941)921-6675.

Aquatics Lesson Spectators

Parents are welcome to come onto the pool deck and sit in and watch their child’s lessons. To provide the instructor with the proper level of support, we ask that you minimize distractions and communication during the lesson time. We will be providing time during the last class in the session for you to come to poolside and watch class and take pictures. 

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