Bath and Racquet History

Bath and Racquet History - The Bath & Racquet Fitness Club has a rich and long history. We have included current information about the Club operations but also have documented some of the many changes that Bath & Racquet has gone through since our founding in 1969.

Club Information

Hours of operation – Current hours of operations including holiday hours
Club Blog – Blog of what is happening at the Club and on our Web Site
Question and Answers – You ask we answer
Club Prices – Current membership pricing
Contact Us – How to reach us
About Our Members – Links to some of our members business information
Enhancement Fee Survey – Links to our enhancement fee survey and information for 2012


Our History – Tells about our past
Logo History – A photo history of the different logos and comments
Club House – The Clubhouse was built in many projects this documents the dates of the construction
Tennis Court History – The dates and order the Tennis courts were built
Check In History – A one week snap shot of the hours that the club is busiest includes fitness and tennis


Ken Wagstaff Memorial – A tribute to my step father
Thelma Merker – The memorial service held for one of the Club's charter members
Memorial Markers - There have been many contributions to the club to pay tribute to our members

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Welcome Jimmy Arias, former #5 in the World

Lessons are available call the Club at 941 921 6675.

Tennis 123

If you are a beginner our Tennis 123 class is the best way to get started with tennis. You will be surrounded by like minded and skilled tennis beginners. The most comfortable way to learn our new skill. Call 941 306 4113 to register.