Bath and Racquet History

Bath and Racquet History - The Bath & Racquet Fitness Club has a rich and long history. We have included current information about the Club operations but also have documented some of the many changes that Bath & Racquet has gone through since our founding in 1969.

Club Information

Hours of operation – Current hours of operations including holiday hours
Club Blog – Blog of what is happening at the Club and on our Web Site
Question and Answers – You ask we answer
Contact Us – How to reach us
About Our Members – Links to some of our members business information
Enhancement Fee Survey – Links to our enhancement fee survey and information for 2012


Our History – Tells about our past
Logo History – A photo history of the different logos and comments
Club House – The Clubhouse was built in many projects this documents the dates of the construction
Tennis Court History – The dates and order the Tennis courts were built
Check In History – A one week snap shot of the hours that the club is busiest includes fitness and tennis


Ken Wagstaff Memorial – A tribute to my step father
Thelma Merker – The memorial service held for one of the Club's charter members
Memorial Markers - There have been many contributions to the club to pay tribute to our members

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