Question: Your group classes could stand a little something. Like GOOD Zumba, Latin dancercize, something high energy. Some good yoga....
Somethings that might work for the working saps that need GOOD classes that start at 5:30PM AND Maybe 6:30
Fridays at 5:30 is one of the best times for high energy classes (not cyling)

Answer: We try to provide a variety of classes for our members. Ranging from higher intensity (Body Pump and Cycling) to lower intensity (Yoga and Pilates). We do offer Body Pump twice a week at 5:15 and 5:30 which is high energy if you haven't given that a try yet, we invite to try a class. Unfortunately Yoga has been one of our more successful Friday classes so that obviously won't work for you.

We thank you for your input. Interest and feedback is what drives the decisions for the schedule.

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