Clubhouse History

The following aerial photo depicts the clubhouse history with different colors representing the different expansions of the building.

aerial, clubhouse, clubhouse aerial

Red - 1971 Original building with locker rooms and pro shop.

Green - 1976 Enlarged the locker rooms and pro shop added a what was supposed to be a bottle club that never opened and eventually became the Courtside Grille.

Yellow - 1979 Added 6 racquetball courts just in time for the racquetball boom of the 1980's.

Cyan - 1981 Added 2 more racquetball courts.

Blue - 1985 The largest construction in club history taking 2 separate clubs tying them together and adding fitness, small group exercise studio, saunas, steams, spas, and 2 more racquetball courts for a total of 10 courts.

Pink - 1993 Added second floor group exercise studio and doubled the fitness room size. This addition filled a hole in the building that was originally meant to be 2 racquetball courts with 1985 addition, but were not built because of a lack of money.

Orange - 1998? Demolished the old snack bar and built the pavilion.


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