Court 13 "Light Out" notes ignored

by John Ramsay
(Sarasota, B&R member)

Question: A light on court 13 has been out for a substantial period of time. I know many notes have been submitted on this from others and myself.
I recently discovered from a pro shop attendant that these notes addressed to Scott are in fact sent to the person responsible for outside maintenance, so I guess that's why it has not been fixed.
It gets dark early now and hopefully, Scott, you will see that the light is replaced soon.

Answer: Thanks for letting us know about the light. A lot of times we do not know everything that needs to be addressed at the Club. I try to have the tennis lights all working for the beginning of daylight savings time. I am sorry that I missed that date this year. I am also aware of a light out on court 9. But I have been struggling for months trying to get the lights in the parking lot working. I completed the parking lot on Thursday and we will be moving on to the tennis court lights next.
Thanks John

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