Doubles clinics?

by Rick Osney

Question: Since so many of our members play doubles, why doesn't B&R have doubles clinics sold as either individual clinics or purchased as a series with a discount? Other clubs have this as not everyone wants to pay for private lessons and clinics with either three players and the pro on court or four players with the pro critiqing and a realistic fee/person could bring in more revenue than a private lesson would. A different part of the doubles game could be covered each session.

Answer: We do have doubles clinics, most people set them up themselves. My experiences with drop in clinics are they are good for a few times then they stop coming so the pro does not like to book the spot on a drop in. We do offer the 456 clinic at this point, that level stays with it. We have tried before in the past with what he is suggesting with no luck unless its the lower level which do offer. Middle to advanced want there own people most of the time. Maybe Raj could start something on weekends ?

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