Finding a Personal Trainer

Finding a Personal Trainer - Advice on how and where to find your perfect trainer along with a bio's of our trainers. The Bath & Racquet Fitness Club offers personal trainers just like most health clubs. Recently you can also find personal trainers at single purpose small shops. And then there are the independent personal trainers with no affiliation that tend to do home visits.

Some things to ask a trainer, do they have enough and appropriate insurance in case you get injured. Will they have enough different equipment and facilities to vary your exercise routines? Are they available the hours you need? I would not worry about the certification organization other than to ask is it a national organization not a local certification.

On a journey of finding a personal trainer I would want a trainer I liked. Having a face to face conversation should be enough to evaluate whether their personality would be a match. From there I would want a trial training session to see if your work out expectations meshed, for example will they push you hard enough or give you enough rest in between exercises. If you have any reservation try a different trainer to see if their style fits yours better. Finding a personal trainer is a lot like finding a doctor you like, it takes time and patience.

personal trainer chris


Born: Rochester, N.Y.
First Started Teaching: 1984
First Started Teaching for us: 1996
Why Did You Start Teaching: New career and a free membership at a gym. Life time fitness pursuit seemed like a logical fit.
Interests: Cycling, Weight Training, Fitness Modalities - Dietary, Football, Wrestling.
Philosophy: Designed for individuals - one size does not fit all.
Certifications: LMT, ACE, CPR, MS Ed

personal trainer clayton


Born: El Paso, TX
First Started Teaching: 1993
First Started Teaching for us: 1998
Why Did You Start Teaching: I had a passion for fitness and sports and found I have a passion for helping others too.
Interests: Lacrosse, Fitness, Music, Coaching and oddly enough chainsaw carving.
Class Philosophy: Try to help people find something in themselves they didn't know they had.
Certifications: BS Exercise Science - Physical Education, ACE, CPR


Born: Sarasota FL
First Started Teaching: 2008
First Started Teaching for us: 2010
Why Did You Start Teaching: I developed a passion for sports and fitness in my childhood days. During college I discovered myself designing workout routines for friends, professors, and family members. After graduating from FSU I decided there is nothing that I would rather do than promote the awareness of health and fitness. With that said I am currently doing what I love and helping clients achieve the results they desire.
Interests: Tennis, Fitness, Water Sports, Mountain Sports, Beach, and Traveling!
Class Philosophy: The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Certifications: (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Group Suspension Training Instructor.

personal trainer mike


Born: Manhattan
First Started Teaching: 1988
First Started Teaching for us: 2000
Why Did You Start Teaching: Great way to meet women and make money. Was always a sickly child and wanted to teach people what they were doing wrong.
Interests: Photography, Working out, Writing about Fitness.
Class Philosophy: Never take it so seriously that you get hurt or burnt out. It is all about being consistent.
Certifications: ISSA Personal Trainer, AFAA Aerobics Instructor

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