We Have Cancelled All Fitness 123 Classes.

While we love this program and worked very hard to find it a market. We did not get a response from many different advertising vehicles. We are waving the white flag on this effort.

All about our Fitness 123 Class to refresh or start your exercise habit.


I am a firm believer in "if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is." Fitness 123 at $35 would make me deaf from the alarm bells. That is the price and let me silence your alarms.

I strong armed my instructors into teaching this class for next to nothing. I do not expect to make any money on this class. And because it is in a class setting the cost is split among all the participants. My goal is to bake a bigger pie, and here comes my pie story.

I was following some 123 participants out of the Club (Tennis 123 this time, same concept, different skill). These ladies were talking about how much fun they were having, their excitement about continuing to play and what options they had. Several parks came up along with some of my competitors.

Mad is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt. I'm giving away my services and facility how dare they go any where else. I restrained myself from saying anything to them at that time. Although I vowed never to offer a 123 class again.

This incident was on my mind for several days, and finally it dawned on me. There are two ways for me to get new members, steal them from my competitors, to make my slice of the pie bigger. Or make the pie bigger for everybody, and my share will be bigger. It was an "A-ah" moment for me. I have been offering 123 classes for decades ever since, yes I have been doing this that long.

Class Description

The class is designed as a refresher or a beginner's class. Our goal with Fitness 123 is to help you to start and maintain a healthy exercise habit. Learn the facts about fitness not the fiction. Three weeks is all takes. Get comfortable with all our equipment and the Club.

$35 Gets Me What?

3 Weeks - 2 Sessions per week with an instructor
Free T - Shirt
Fitness Assessment
Use of the Fitness Club for 3 Weeks
Classes Limited to 6 Participants

What Will We Do in Class?

A general outline for the class is as follows:
Class 1 - Fitness Assessment
Class 2 - Weights
Class 3 - Weights and Food Tips
Class 4 - Group Exercise Class
Class 5 - Flexibility and Cardio
Class 6 - Post Test Review of Weights and Cardio

The Five W's of Fitness 123

Who: One of our trained instructors, and you.
What: Class to refresh or start your exercise habit.
Where: 2170 Robinhood Street.
When: Varying morning and evening class times.
Why: Because you dexerve to be healthy

Fitness 123 Class Agenda

When are the Classes Offered?

July 21 at 9:00 am on Tuesday and Thursday taught by Mike
July 21 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday taught by Lydia
August 17 at 9:00 am on Monday and Wednesday taught by Jon
August 18 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Thursday taught by Lydia

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