Our Logo History with Pictures

We have tried to catalog the logo history over the years. At the bottom you can comment about the logos.

Printed 1974

This was the original logo and was used for over a decade.

Printed 1983

This logo replaced the original logo and was short lived, thankfully.

Printed ?

This logo was created by the General Manager at the time. It was a bad joke with three W's in it. The W's stood for Waggie's Wonder World. This logo could not be replaced fast enough.

Printed 1992

This logo was designed by Michelle Chilson. It was the first of her many designs. It was used for over a decade. The club's interior was painted to match these colors. Probably a bad decision.

Printed 1995

This logo had the most input from staff of any logo. It was designed in house by Anna Norman.

Designed 2008

Another Michelle Chilson Design with strong input from Doug Olson. Our goal was to modernize and to emphasize fitness in the logo. No logo used as a symbol for the entire club had ever had fitness in it and that needed to change.

Printed 1980

The racquetball courts were built as a separate building and were operated as a separate club for about 15 years. This logo was used for that club.

Printed 2000

Again, Michelle Chilson's work. This logo was supposed to be used for fitness, but without a clear purpose it was used very briefly. It lives on as an embroidered logo on our Trotter fitness equipment. About it's only use.

Printed 2002

Anna Norman designed this logo. It has been used for Summer Camp for many years.

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