Meeting about the cafe

Question: I was unable to attend the focus group meeting regarding the cafe and would like to know what was addressed. The hit-or-miss operating hours and the owner who randomly goes AWOL have forced me to seek food elsewhere. I love the bartenders (Jaycee and Marsol), but a liquid diet won't sustain me. What's the future of the cafe?

Answer: Thanks for the question. We had a good meeting regarding the Grill. You must be one of the few members that does't live on a liquid diet. We have watched the food sales go down over the last 2 years while the liquor sales have stayed the same.

It was agreed at the meeting the biggest issues are consistant hours of operation from 11 am to 11 pm, being out of stock of menu items, and the speed of the food delivery. Those will be the first items we address. With this transition we will be left with no staff. Jaycee lives in Orlando and while we are in contact with Marsol we do not know what her status will be when the Club takes over the Grill. Our challenge will be to keep the Grill open during this temporary transition.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

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