Portion Control Diets

My Portion Control Diets are the answer. Weight loss is simple. EAT FEWER calories than you burn. The hard part is how to do this. Exercise helps with burning calories but the amount of effort needed compared to food portions is amazing to me. And I always look for the easy way.

At our club there are exercise acholics that are not lean. Exercise has many health benefits, helps with weight management, and makes you look better. But, to use exercise with out portion control you would need to exercise over 40 hours a week with the American diet.

Most diets are just restrictive. I wanted something that was life long, easy and as my wife knows, cheap.

Perfect Portion Diet Dish

perfect portions diet dish picture

A national fitness sales consultant recommended the Salton Nutritionist Perfect Portion Diet Dish - FF8PP for my club. Planning on giving a plate to every new member, I order a plate and researched it on the internet. After seeing the plate my staff thought the perfect portions was a neat solution.

The internet was right again, the second time the plate was washed in the dishwasher it cracked with the cracks getting bigger every time it was washed. Yes the plate was washed on the top rack. Washing it by hand was not a design consideration. All the sticky sauces are put in deep little compartments that is impossible to get in and clean. I did not want the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club's name associated with such a disappointing product.

Also the food I had just cooked was sitting on the stove tempting me to get seconds, or thirds if it was particularly tasty. I needed another solution.

Portion Control Diets

I needed to know how many calories I ate. I am in the fitness industry, I am a smart guy, I am good at math, this is going to be easy to figure out. WRONG. I have watched my wonderful wife lose weight. She does the "Zone Diet" with a food scale and food journal, and the weight falls off for her. I still don't think she knows how many calories she eats even with the scale. Her tools are effective but take a lot of work and discipline not something I can do for the rest of my life. Long term weight management was my goal. Weighing every thing I eat forever was not an option. And what about eating out. How is a scale going to help. So, I do not use a food scale.

Now thinking that portion control is unheard of in America, more is better, I think is a national slogan. Feedback is important for change. but especially for weight maintenance, which is my ultimate goal, so that is part of my portion control diets system. I went about trying to figure a way to do portion control easily. And came up with my system. As an added benefit I am eating much healthier because it's easy.

Benefits of My Simple Portion Control Diets

  • Meal preparation is easy and takes 10 minutes.
  • I feel like I am ordering at a restaurant.
  • No temptation to get seconds.
  • Eating a healthier and varied diet.
  • I get to splurge.
  • Counting calories is not needed

My Simple Diet System is explained here with the tools I use.

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