Racquetball Challenge

Racquetball challenges times and rules. Our goal for our challenge is to introduce our members to other racquetball players. We hope that we will meet new players and exchange phone numbers and or schedule games at other times than our challenges.

Our challenges are strictly doubles. If you prefer to play singles please participate in our challenges to meet players. There will be other members playing that would prefer to play singles, just ask them to play at a time other than our challenge times.

Challenge Times

Monday Night from 5 - 8

Wednesday Night from 5 - 8

Saturday from 9 - 12

The Saturday challenge will be cancelled when the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club hosts large tournaments. State Doubles, State Singles and the Florida Open are examples of events that will cancel the Saturday morning Challenge.

Challenge Rules

Our rules are designed to include everyone and provide a good game on the court. We do not expect your first match of the challenge to be the most challenging. Our rules are designed to provide better matches the more you play in the challenge.

Put your name on the Challenge Board.

First 4 players go play.

Play 1 game to 15.

Winners go up a court, and losers go down a court.

Court 5 is for Winners.

Court 1 is for losers.

The Winners will be split after every game.

1 player waiting – new player draws a name from the 2 losers with the person’s name drawn being written on the bottom of the challenge board. And a winner will draw for his new partner.

2 or more players waiting - A Winner draws a partner from the top 2 on the board. 2 Losers go on the bottom of the board.

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Modified 1/14/2013