Rules for Club League Play

by Cathie Hodgson
(Sarasota, FL )

League Rules: It would be great if Eric could include a piece in the newsletter about the various league rules. Players could carry in their tennis bags and refer to it when there are questions.
Examples: In mixed doubles, when do you play the third set (tiebreaker)? Only if you split sets, or always? Which tiebreaker do you play?
During a set, if you tie 5-5, which tiebreaker do you play. 7 pt Coleman type or the old style?
When you have three teams on a court, do you ever play the third set tie breaker? How do you decide who plays in what order. Does the team who won the first set get to play next, or does the Pro determine the order up front?

Answer: This is a link for the tennis leagues rules. You should be able to print them from your internet browser. We will be updating them for the new tie breakers. And we will evaluate the three team system with the goal of coming up with a standard system for all leagues.

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