Sarasota boy gone Wisconsin

by Wes Steingraber
(Green Bay WI)

Comment: Hi, all you past, present,& future B&R Tennis/raqc/swim jocks. I Guess I have a story. I was 13yrs old and was introduced to the Bath & Racquet club by some friends whom I will never forget Thank you Laurie Saba & Rill
Baxter ...I worked for the club after school for 2 hrs and on Saturdays to pay my dues. I took lessons from Ken Wagstaf(WAG), & John Langer. Ken was a very acomplished pro & the time & had a very nice ATP record. I was fortunate enough to be included in many state tournaments thanks to my friends parents. Thank you & you know who you are! I went to Brookside Junior High & Riverview HS...after moving North to Green Bay ,WI...I played tournaments in the summer and played for Southwest HS in GB. Upon HS graduation I went on to the University of Wisconsin GB played tennis/ & graduated. The point here is that the Bath & Racquet Culb on "Robin St." played a very important role in my life and will be etched in my mind forever. Thank You

Response: Wes, thanks for the nice comments. We miss our Wag. If I see Rill or Laurie I will say hi.

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