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News: As of 8/8/2012 we have added more classes

With the growth of CrossFit 41 we have added 2 more evening classes to keep pace with the demand for Crossfit. The new classes are on the schedule page both are at 5:30.

What is CrossFit?

Sarasota CrossFit 41 is an evidence based, competitive strength & conditioning program, designed to optimize fitness across the widest range possible. Coupled with a focus on proven dietary plans it is truly the ultimate in cross training. crossfit sarasota class The core of Sarasota CrossFit 41 are the following:

1. Constantly Varied: The breadth and depth of a programs stimulus determines the breadth and depth of adaptation.
2. Functional Exercises: Compound or multi-joint movements are natural, efficient and effective loco motors of the body and external objects.
3. High Intensity: Intensity is the independent variable most commonly associated with maximizing favorable adaptation to exercise..

So what does this all mean?

Variety is good. Exercises using lots of muscles are good. Working hard is good.

What do you do in a workout?

We run, lift, climb, throw, hit, jump, swing, and high five! Every workout is different. Sometimes it will a variety of those things. Sometimes it will (be) a variety of those things. Sometime it will be a focus on one or two.

What makes CrossFit such a big deal?

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CrossFit is “hot” for a number of reasons. The atmosphere is unusually welcoming and supportive. Members compete against each other but at the same time want success for each other. It’s often described as “The sport of fitness” due to it’s competitive nature and the amount of athleticism involved. It’s dynamic, it’s always different. It’s challenging, you will find yourself doing things you never thought you could.

Why CrossFit 41?

Small Classes

At CrossFit 41 we have small class sizes ensuring you get the best instruction and the most attention to detail.

Awesome Location

Our location is second to none. South of Bee Ridge Rd. just off route 41.

Big Bonus

We include membership to our parent facility with your membership. That means all the classes, full locker room, pool and cardiovascular equipment are all at your disposal.

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