Simple Tennis rules

Simple tennis rules should be easy but they are not while at it's most basic, a server hits the ball to the receiver until the point ends. There are so many strange things that can happen on a tennis court the rules try to address as many of these as possible.

As simple as that is, the rules are lengthy. The United States Tennis Association even publishes a little handbook "Friend at Court" that shows rule interpretations of rare tennis situations. This little handbook is a mere pages 315.

To start each game, server stands on the right side of the center mark behind the baseline and serves diagonally over the net and into the deuce service box. Then the receiver must hit the ball on the first bounce over the net and inside the lines. The last person to hit the ball successfully wins the point.

For a better understanding of the lines and areas of a tennis court follow this link for a color coded labeled picture of a tennis.

To win the tennis match you must be the last person to win a point. Didn't I say it was simple. Usually that requires winning 2 out of 3 sets or 1 set. Depending on what was agreed to before the match.

Do not be scared by the scoring it is all terminology. Click here for a simple 123 description of the tennis scoring system. This pages includes examples and a list of terms.

To learn the 4 simple things you need to know to play a Tiebreaker click here. This pages includes examples.

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