Smoking and employee's

Questions: Why would an employee of a HEALTH club smoke a cigarette all the way to the front of the building? Furthermore throw it in the plants while it is still burning? At least put the thing out and not litter at the front entrance to your job!!!!! I find it both rude and just nasty. If you value your job and the planet you'd have more respect!!!!!! My uncle recently died from lung cancer so I happen to be quite involved in encouraging smokers to curb their habit. If this is something a manager cares to know about an employee, maybe a change will take place????

Answer: Thank you very much for the comment. While I don't care for smoking it is against the law to discriminate as an employer. I have asked my staff to smoke in the rear of the Club by our equipment.

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Jul 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

still going on, the guy just doesn't seem to care about his place of employment, to be doing that up to the door, and then tossing the butt still burning onto the ground at the front door.

May 15, 2010
I Agree
by: Anonymous

I think they should not smoke when on the way to the front door. I had seen that once, a while ago and found it to be really bad. The cig was still burning in the plants!

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