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Our Camp goal for is for your child to have fun while learning new skills, hitting a backhand or a lifesaver jump.

The goal of our summer camp is for your child new skills, hitting a backhand or a lifesaver jump in a fun manner. They will meet new friends and learn new life skills. Our camp offers a large variety of activities to be experienced. We add variety with our different field trips and events. Ages 5 to 12 years of age are appropriate for our camp. It would be a pleasure having your child.

Our ratios of campers to counselors are as follows: 8 to 1 for tennis and swimming, 10 - 12 to 1 for lunch and the afternoon activities. These ratios will vary by age and activity. For example: little swimmers will be 4 - 6 to 1. While a fitness class may be 15 to 1.

Bath Racquet Fitness Club has one of the most consistent Sarasota summer camps, it has been operated successfully with the same management for decades. Each summer we improve our camp but we have been able to maintain our prices. For 2011 we are proud to announce our partnership with "I Train Your Kids" for our summer camp. We expect Heather Hacket will be helping teach your kids about fitness and nutrition in the afternoons. Also, new for 2011 we have changed the afternoon schedule to include swimming in the afternoon, Field day and a Movie Night with popcorn weekly. The changes we implemented for 2010 were: Celsuis Academy will be teaching the tennis and we have added a tennis only option for $95 per week. Some of the other successful improvements from recent years are as follows: more varied afternoon activities, and bring a friend day. The prices are unchanged since 2005.

Tennis Tapes

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In 2009 we added Tennis Tapes for our Quick Start tennis program for kids. It mimics the belts from martial arts programs. When you child passes a test they receive a tape of a different color. For an explanation of the tapes please follow this link Tennis Tapes page. So if you want to know what the colored tapes are on your child's racket follow the link.

Your child's daily agenda at our Summer Camp is as follows:

8:30 am - Early Drop Off - No extra charge
9:00 am - Tennis before it gets too HOT
10:30 am - Swimming to COOL off
12:00 pm - Lunch
12:45 pm - Indoor and Outdoor Games
1:45 pm - Swimming
2:30 pm - Snack and Crafts
3:00 pm - Go Home or Aftercare is available
5:00 pm - Aftercare ends

Photos from Summer Camp 2009

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Field Trip and Event Schedule from prior years:

Fire Department visits the Club.
Humane Society brings pets to the Club.
Camp goes to The Player's Theatre.
The Girl Scouts visit the campers. Philip & Henry Magic Show.
Humane Society brings pets to the Club.
Camp visits Mixon Fruit Farm.
The Girl Scouts visit the Club
Camp goes to The Player's Theatre.
Philip & Henry Magic Show.
And we have more in the works.

Afternoon Activities from prior years have included some of the following:

Fitness Class
Tennis Games
Pool Games
Indoor Games

Weeks We Are Offering Summer Camp 2011

Week of June 7th Session 1
Week of June 13th Session 2
Week of June 20th Session 3
Week of June 27th Session 4
Week of July 4th Session 5
Week of July 11th Session 6
Week of July 18th Session 7
Week of July 25th Session 8
Week of August 1nd Session 9
Week of August 8th Session 10
Week of August 15th Session 11

Summer Camp Themes

Summer Camp Themes are important. They help to keep your child remain engaged throughout a long vacation. We have published our lesson plans you and your child can know what to look forward.

This is the link to Camp Themes page

You Need to Provide

Your child will need to bring 4 things to Camp 2011 everyday;
Tennis Racket (We sell junior rackets in our Pro Shop).
Bathing Suit.
Sun Screen.

Camp 2011 Prices

Full Day 9 am to 3 pm - $170 for a 1 week session.
Half Day from 9 am to 12 noon - $125 for a 1 week session.
Tennis Only 9 am to 10:30 am - $95 for a 1 week session.
Aftercare 3 pm to 5 pm - $5 per hour

Call 306 4113 To Register

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