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Our swim lessons consists of age- appropriate activities that focus on development of core aquatic skills.  The core competencies provide the foundation that enables students to learn the self-survival skills, first.  They then learn correct swimming stroke techniques building on what was previously learned.  We believe that the core skills are what every person needs to know in order to be more efficient in the water.

We offer a variety of levels but the five core competencies remain the same regardless of the age of the student they represent the skill development.  We also have benchmarks which is a specific skill that when performed demonstrates that the student has achieved the core competency.

We offer swim lessons from infants age 6 months to adults.  Below is a brief description of each class level we offer here at the Bath & Racquet Athletic Club.  Most lessons meet Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday we do this so that Friday may be a make- up day if necessary.  We do not make up missed classes if at least 30 minutes has been completed and we have to get out due to the weather.    We live in Florida and the weather is unpredictable always show up for your lesson unless notified ahead of time.  Do not assume we are not swimming if raining.  We swim rain or shine!  No lightning!

Swim Classes

Starbabies (age 6 months to 24 months) & Startots (age 18 months to 36 months) this course does not teach children to become accomplished swimmers or to survive in the water: it does provide a confidence-building, enjoyable, and loving experience.  One adult must be in the water with each child.  Swim diapers are a must.  The class purpose is to build a high comfort level in the water for the child and teach the parent/caregiver water safety and drowning prevention.

                  Meets Monday & Wednesday 11:00 - 11:30

Preschool (age 3 to 5 years) Allows the child to develop a high level of comfort in the water and readiness to swim.  This level is taught through creative, fun activities in the water.  The five core competencies are the goal of his level while progressing toward benchmark achievement.

                  Meets Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday 4:00 – 5:45

Youth (6 to 12 years)   Students work toward development of the five core competencies using age-appropriate learning activities.  Learning is self- paced but challenging.

                  Meets Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday Thursday 5:00 -5:45

Mini Mako’s (age 4 to 6) pre-swim team- Students learn and refine their strokes for future competitive swimming plus develop an understanding of basic training principles such as using a pace clock, starts and turns, and racing.  This program is a great introduction to competitive swimming in a low-key environment.

                  Meets Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday 4:30 – 5:30

Advanced Swimming (age 6 – 12) – Program designed for those that already have passed the green level of swim school.   This class meets two times per week and focuses on swim endurance and dryland training.  Whether you want to swim competitively or just stay in great shape this high intensity non-competitive training program is for you.  Must have goggles and fins.  Caps provided!

                  Tuesday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday 5:30 – 6:30

Adult Swim Lessons (18 & older) Have you always wanted to learn to swim?  Do you have a fear of the water?  This is group lessons for adults.  We will provide you with the confidence and tools to keep yourself safe In an around water.   Goggles required

                  Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday    2 – 2:45 pm

For more information about Starfish Aquatics Institute follow this link.

Swim Lesson Pricing

Classes are priced per member or non – member

            2 times per week $75.00 member/   $90.00 non - member

            1 time per week $40.00 member/ $50.00 non – member

Private lessons available 

            Half hours $25.00 member/ $30.00 non – member

            Hour $50.00 member/ $60.00 non – member

Semi – Privates lessons

            $20.00 per student for half hour



Tina Kessler(941)879-2104 or (941)921 -6675 or email

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Created 10/22/2015