Tennis Court Dimensions

tennis court dimensions

Standard Tennis Court Dimensions is an area 120' by 60' oriented lengthwise north to south to minimize the sun in your eyes when playing during the serve. It may be reduced to 120' by 55'.

120' by 54' for indoor courts with movable objects like netting. Stadium courts should be built in an area that is 130' by 70'. Leaving an extra 5' in each direction for judges, ball people (is that politically correct?) and extra room for the players.

This picture shows all the line dimensions of a tennis court. But, the only people that I know that need this information are my maintenance staff and professional tennis court contractors. And they use none of these measurements, what they use are the diagonals to lay tennis lines. The diagonals are what count, otherwise your court will not be square. A clay tennis court requires up to 13 lbs of aluminum nails per court. That is a count of over 2,000 nails. That is a lot of hammering; there are no nail guns here. If you don't understand any of this please contact a tennis court contractor. Still want to lay lines and want the diagonals please send me feedback and I will ask my maintenance staff what the measurements are.

All the measurements are to the outside edge of the line. Making the lines good during play. Just to confuse an already confusing sport the lines can be anywhere from 1' to 4' depending on location on the court. But, the line widths really don't matter because all the lines are good.

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