Tennis Team Reservation Rules

Tennis Team Reservation Rules - These rules apply to USTA, Tri-Cities, Senior, Super Senior, USTA Flex, and K-Swiss leagues.

All players on Bath & Racquet Fitness Club Teams must be Bath & Racquet Fitness Club Tennis members.

All requests for team reservations for home matches are entered on the official forms provided by the Pro Shop staff. The full season home match schedule is entered on the form and turned into the Pro Shop by team captain as soon as the schedule becomes available. If the schedule is not turned in within 7 days of posting, Bath & Racquet Fitness Club cannot guarantee court availability.

Tri-Cities and USTA evening teams play home matches on Saturdays at Noon, regardless of what is listed on the league schedule. All other NON USTA/Tri-Cities matches will be played on weekends @ 2pm, regardless of what is listed on the league schedule. Friday Night Mixed doubles leagues follow the same rules as Tri-Cities and USTA, but play at 6:00 pm or 7:30 pm start times.

Ladies’ daytime Tri-Cities and USTA team matches are played at 11 am. USTA, Senior and Super Senior team matches are scheduled Monday - Friday at Noon. If a scheduled match is cancelled due to rain, prior to the start of the match, then the match is rescheduled for the regular time on another week. These matches may be rescheduled at the opposing club if that is more convenient. If a match is rained out during play, unfinished matches are played anytime between Noon and 4 pm or Saturday or Sunday after 12 pm. No matches are rescheduled during “prime time”. If one or two courts are needed, a team member may schedule that court during prime time, but each person on the visiting team will be charged the current tennis guest fee.

K-Swiss and USTA Flex League matches may be played Mon – Fri, between Noon – 4 pm or Sat & Sun after Noon with no guest fee. If played at any other time, any player that is not a member will be charged the current tennis guest fee.

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