Tiebreaker Tennis

Learn the 4 simple things you need to know to play a Tiebreaker tennis.

There has been a ton of Tiebreaker formats used through out the years. And I once again got confused about what tiebreakers are used when. I will not discuss any Tiebreaker not currently used. Currently 2 different types of Tiebreakers are used, with Coman variation for both.

1 - 12 Point Tiebreaker
2 - Super Tiebreaker (usually used instead of a 3rd set)

The only difference with Coman Tiebreakers is when you change sides of the court. The intention is to maintain the serving rotation for doubles.

There are 4 things to learn about a Tiebreaker.

1 - Who serves?
2 - Where to Serve.
3 - When to switch sides of the court.
4 - When the Tiebreaker ends.

Who Serves

The next player to in the rotation serves one point. You continue the service rotation with each player serving 2 points. And this rotation continues till the end of the Tiebreaker for both the 12 Point and Super Tiebreaker. The team that served at 6 games all starts serving the next set.

Where to Serve

The first person to serve serves to the deuce court serving only 1 point. Each player after the first server serves to the ad court and then the deuce court serving 2 points.

When to switch sides of the court

With the 12 Point and Super Tiebreaker, you switch sides of the court every 6 points. For the Coman Tiebreakers you switch sides of the court after the first point and every 4 points thereafter.

When the Tiebreaker ends

With the 12 Point Tiebreakers you must win by 2 points, you win the tiebreaker when you get to 7 points if you are leading by 2 points. If you are tied at 6 points you continue playing until someone has a 2 point advantage and they win the Tiebreaker. You cannot win the Tiebreaker 7-6 it must be 7-5 or 8-6 or greater. The Super Tiebreaker works the same way except you play to 10 points, but you must win by 2 points again.

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