Water Aerobics in Sarasota

bald eagle, bald eagle cell tower, birds in cell tower

Most water aerobics in Sarasota do not take advantage of paradise. One of the unique aspects about the  Bath & Racquet Fitness Club aqua aerobics program is that it is taught in an outdoor pool.  With an outdoor pool you get to commune with nature. The ever changing clouds, birds (we especially enjoy the eagles that watch us from the cell tower that our instructors call the bird stand) trees in bloom in the spring (including our goldenrod tree at the pool entrance), swaying palms...each day is a bit different. The photo of the bald eagle is an actual photo of our bald eagle. The nest sits atop a cell phone tower.

There are many issues with indoor pools. There is always a pervasive dampness, chlorine smell and the noise level is also an issue in indoor pools.

Benefits of Water Aerobics

Here are some thoughts about the benefits of water aerobics.*Aqua aerobics is suited to all fitness levels.*It is particularly good for people with health conditions such as pregnancy, arthritis, joint problems, back pain, multiple sclerosis, soft-tissue injury & obesity.*Many of my students have been able to continue to exercise in the water prior to joint replacement surgery making their recovery much easier. *As we age we have issues with balance and muscle loss. Water aerobics is a fun and safe way to develop and maintain strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.*And water aerobics is fun! Participants tend to be very sociable.*One of my favorite things about an aqua workout is the massage effect the resistance of the water has on your body. One feels like you've had a relaxing massage after an aqua aerobics session. (It is a form of exercise that can be continued for a lifetime.


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