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The origins of Yoga are somewhat uncertain but it has been found to have roots as far back as 5,000 years ago in ancient India. For centuries, it has been included in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism as a path not only of physical health but as a route to spiritual enlightenment. It means “yoke”, “union” or “to join” in Sanskrit. 

The rising popularity of the practice in the west during the last several decades has proven its therapeutic value for mind and body, although much of the traditional spiritual core has been left out. There are many different approaches to practice and many schools offer a variety of methods that can include asana (postures), breathing exercises and meditation. Most modern classes are an outgrowth of Hatha Yoga, which teaches that the physical postures (asanas), are the foundation for further development of breath control (pranayama) and higher states of consciousness. 

Modern studies of yoga and meditation have shown that many health benefits are attainable through regular  practice such as lowering of high blood pressure , decrease of anxiety and depression, and improving musculoskeletal problems like low back pain. Other physical benefits include greater flexibility, strength and balance. Most practitioners find there is an overall effect of relieving stress and tension with the added benefit of mental clarity.

It offers something that is an antidote to our hectic, modern life full of information overload, competitiveness and anxiety about the future. The basis of any good practice is the breath. Learning to move with the breath and focus the mind fully on what one is doing brings one more into the present moment. The more present we are, the more we have the opportunity to appreciate what we have and experience contentment.

Postures are not just physical exercises but a system designed for discovering the mind-body connection and opening the energy pathways in the body. Being stiff and inflexible is not a good reason to miss out. Everyone has a different innate degree of flexibility and with proper instruction and patience, even the most rigid person can have a satisfying practice. It’s important to find the right class level for you.

Yoga at Bath & Racquet Health Club

We offer seven classes per week with four different instructors ranging from very gentle to more challenging levels. In short, it is here to stay and can benefit almost anyone. Just remember to have fun with the process!

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Added: 4/24/2015