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How do you find a tennis coach? On this page you will find information about where and what to look for in a tennis pro along with bios of the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club tennis instructors.

You should know why you want to take lessons. The more you can tell the pro the more he can help your game. Do want to beat one of the Jones's. Do you want to have more fun. Do you want to learn how to play doubles better? Do you get frustrated serving? The more specific you be, the more help you find a tennis coach that is right for you.

You should tell your tennis instructor your level of commitment to improvement. Are you willing to lose to everyone you play for six months while you change your backhand stroke to move up a level. Are do you want your coach to tweak what you do for improvements. Remember Tiger Woods has changed his swing or stroke twice since becoming a professional and stank for 6 months.

Must tennis pros are associated with a tennis club. There are independent tennis pro's but they are difficult to find. At the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club you will find that we have 5 instructors on staff to choose from. The first place I would look to find a tennis coach would be a large club with an established reputation. If possible I would want to meet the tennis professional to see if I liked them. It is your money you should have fun.

Dave Boehk

Dave Boehk

Born: Toledo Ohio, Ca
First Started Teaching: 1968
First Started Teaching for us: 1997
Why Did You Start Teaching: Because of the total love of the game.
Teaching Philosophy: To develop strokes that can be done with minimal effort and maximum effect, to choose smart shots to win points with and intelligent series of shots.
Interests: Competitive tennis, most all sports, sailing, and fishing.
Certifications: USPTA.

Eric Davidson

Born: Eaton Rapids, MI
First Started Teaching: 1985
First Started Teaching for us: 1997
Why Did You Start Teaching: The opportunity to have a job that you love to do.
Teaching Philosophy: I feel you must have fun as you learn to play. The great thing about tennis is that you can play your whole life. A player can always try to improve some part of their game, no matter what level your are at.
Interests: Music, sports, beach, fast cars, learning new technology exploring.
Certifications: USPTA.

Rick Westhoff

Born: Grand Haven, MI
First Started Teaching: 1972
First Started Teaching for us: 1990
Why Did You Start Teaching: Ran our city summer tennis program after graduating high school and really enjoyed it.
Teaching Philosophy: Make tennis fun and enjoyable.
Interests: Just about all sports.
Certifications: USPTA Pro 1.


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