Local Tennis Club

Bath & Racquet Fitness Club is a local tennis club, Find out what is available at our active local club. We have also written and simplified the confusing and rules of tennis.

Club Information

Tennis Pro's – Our Tennis Pro's with brief bio's
Tennis 123 – Information about our beginner's tennis program
Tennis Court Map – Map of our tennis courts

Tennis Leagues and Teams

League Scores – Current standing from our in house leagues
League Rules – Our rules for our in house leagues
Traveling Team Reservations – Our rules for reservations for traveling teams

General Tennis Information

Tennis Court Layout – Illustrated photo of a tennis court with names of all the court areas
Tennis Terms – Tennis vocabulary with definitions
Tennis Rules – Simple Tennis Rules
Simple Tennis Scoring – Tennis scoring made easy
Tiebreaker Rules – Tiebreaker rules and scoring

Tennis 123

Tennis 123 will teach you to play tennis in 3 weeks guaranteed. The Bath & Racquet Fitness Club has been offering the beginners tennis class every year since the 1980's. We put together a winning formula and have stayed with it. Participants from 20 years ago are still enjoying tennis today at our local tennis club. For more information about this class follow this link.

Our Tennis Professionals

How do you find a tennis coach? On this page you will find information about where and what to look for in a tennis pro, along with bios of the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club tennis instructors at this link.

Tennis League Scores

Are you in first place, will you be on tennis court 4. You can get a good idea by looking at your score on the club tennis league score page. Follow this link to see the standings for all the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club in house tennis leagues.

Tennis League Rules

Do you want an answer about how we run our in house leagues? Do you want to ask a question about our leagues? This link explains the rules for the Bath & Racquet Fitness Club in house leagues. You can even ask for a clarification on the feedback form if you don't understand or even want to suggest a change to the rules you can do it on this link.

Tennis Team Reservation Rules

Our traveling tennis rules are published at this link. We discuss match times and how to make reservations for your team. These rules apply to USTA, Tri-Cities, Senior, Super Senior, USTA Flex, and K-Swiss leagues.

Tennis Court Map

Do you get lost on our courts? This link is a aerial picture of our courts with the court numbers so you will not get lost getting to your court. What happens after that is up to you.

Tennis Court History

Wonder how old the club tennis court you will be playing on is follow this link. We used the same picture the club's tennis courts and added the year of construction for the courts your local tennis club.

Simple Tennis Rules

We try to keep it simple just like the club's Tennis 123 class (Sarasota's local tennis club answer to learning tennis for over 20 years) with our version of the tennis rules. This link is the basic information about play. The rules can get overwhelming and we try to keep it easy.

Simple Tennis Scoring

Tennis scoring is confusing, we have made it simple on this link. If you can count and memorize a few tennis terms, then you can easily learn tennis scoring. There are numerous scoring examples to help you understand the tennis scoring system.

Tiebreaker Tennis

Who starts serving the next set, when do we switch sides of the tennis court, what is a coman tiebreaker; those are some of the many questions we answer at this link about tiebreakers. The complexities are broken down into a simple easy to understand format.

Tennis Court Layout

Confused about what is where on a tennis court. This link has a color coded picture of a tennis court labeled to help you understand what the different lines and boxes of a tennis court are called.

Tennis Court Dimensions

If you want to build your on tennis court and want to know how much dirt you need this link will answer all your questions about the tennis court dimensions. But if you want to lay your own lines my recommendation is hire somebody, anybody to do it. Do you know how many nails are in the lines on a tennis court?

Tennis Terms

If you ever wondered what a continental grip is your answer is here. This web page has a list of Tennis Terms sorted into different sections and then repeated as one complete vocabulary list.


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