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Question: I find it very hard to get information from your site - I click on the "info" in the exercise schedule and am prompted to save to google calendar. I try to watch the video - that seems to be the only option to get an idea about the club - and I am prompted to down load some software I don't want to download. Can't you set a site up so that it's easy to find information on your classes? Or does it have to do with my browser/ operating system? IN which case you should update whatever you are doing. I am on Max os 10.6.7 and Firefox.

Answer: Thanks for taking the time to help us improve. Wow, very sorry you are having problems with our website and pointing out missing class descriptions. I have added a web page with our Class descriptions at the following link. I am trying to find a Mac to test our site to address the issues you bring up. Definitely do not download any software with our web site. It should not be necessary.

I would love to have you try a group exercise class for free please call Scott at 306-4113.

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